A premier programme designed for organisational leaders to embed Design Thinking into their respective workplaces. Highly hands-on and experiential in nature, this programme uniquely combines individuals from the public and private sectors that are of equal standing to bring in a diversity in leadership thought exchange.

Who is it for?

Leaders who:

  • Want to nurture a corporate culture that draws inspiration from challenges.
  • Want to support a culture that is encouraging of learning and experimenting at an early stage.
  • Want to discover tools and frameworks to drive creative solutions.
  • Want to lead and facilitate effective inter-disciplinary and cross-functional learning and sharing.
  • Want to disrupt silo mentalities and hierarchical thinking in their teams or organisation.
  • Want to know how to incorporate user-centricity in their organisational culture, to stay relevant in the market.

Programme Structure

Days 1-3:

  • Learning the foundations of Design Thinking through a project challenge

Days 4-5:

  • Guided application of Design Thinking in a work-related project

What will you get?
  • Clarity to reframe and evaluate problems based on customer/user needs.
  • Inspiration for your creative vision in building an innovation culture within the workplace.
  • Added perspective in your field of expertise through networking with fellow participants of equal standing.